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Terrible! lol - fiverr arbitrarily blocking my order

wanted to order three gigs from a vendor as three separate gigs.

i ordered the first one and for the last twenty minutes or more it is telling me

that the order is still being processed so i can’t order the gig again and it will

be available “in a minute” just horrible snafu in customer service land!


As @voiceoverwork says.

Also. If your PayPal account is empty, or doesn’t have enough to complete the order, it will then withdraw from your bank account or whatever account you have linked to PayPal.

Bank account withdraws can take a few days. So you’re order will “Be in the Oven” until PayPal takes the required amount of money from your bank and transfers it over.



Hi, We are users just like you. At best we can only guess what your “issue” is. You should contact Fiverr Support.

thanks i dont have an issue. they do. i buy regularly on this site and this never happened before my order is not “in the oven” so where does one go to get actualy assistance from the company then?

@voiceoverwork : You might want to hit him up with the hi/low schpiel just about now! :stuck_out_tongue:

how’s that?

Reply to @garkocidity:

Look Up … Look Down

There is a Contact Support link at the TOP of every Forum page.


There is a Customer Support link at the BOTTOM of every Fiverr page.


ok ya i found it earlier. they arent in any hurry to get back to me when their site is broken

I can understand your frustration but what can other users just like you do from a forum? But I guess it helps to vent sometime:)

I hope your problem gets solved soon!

garkocidity said: they arent in any hurry to get back to me when their site is broken

If you read the Forum, everyone is having an issue of some sort today. We are many and they are few.

they fixed their broken site so all is good now