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Terrible new version of Fiverr?


Has anyone else experienced how terrible the new version of Fiverr is !!! I have ordered over 200 gigs in the last 2 years, but since the new version came out, almost none, its just too difficult to navigate and get any work done.

If I was a seller, I would be concerned.

Interested in any one else s opinion.

Bryan from Canada


Its actually better, more advanced and user friendly as compare to the old version.Its just some bugs that are not yet resolved.


Hi Bryan,

I actually don’t remember what the old Fiverr looks like. I do like this version. It’s clean, graphically pleasing to the eye, organized and pretty user friendly.

For buyers, your main link is the “Shopping” link in the header. You can track all your current and old orders there. There’s a search box on each page if you need to look for gigs.

Sorry you’re having a tough time. Hopefully by using Fiverr a bit more, you’ll see that it’s easier to work with. For any new sites for me, I like to click around and see what I get with each link.

Here’s a link to more details of the new Fiverr:

Hope that helps,


Reply to @kjblynx: Opps, yes, I meant for buyers. Long day… (no excuse I know). I’ll edit on top. Thanks!