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Terrible thing happened today


You know, I live in my own bubble, but sometimes, I come face to face with real India, or how India is for the poor and the underprivileged. My 65-year old cook, I noticed, came with a badly swollen face and was crying quietly. I asked what happened and it turns out she was beaten by another woman who had given her a loan of Rs. 20,000 to her many years ago. Yes, beaten, on the streets. Nobody came to her support and nobody stopped the other lady from beating her.

Now my cook says she paid over Rs. 45,000 including the interest. But this lady wanted Rs. 500 more. When my cook refused to give her the money she beat her really badly. I asked her to file a police complaint and to call her children. She has 3 adult children, and all of them washed their hands off, said they did not want to get involved. She says the police will ask for a bribe anyway and it’s not worth it. The poor lady got the loan in the first place to marry her daughter off and her daughter won’t have anything to do with her now.

Life is not easy for so many in India. I realized that with a jolt today.


That’s terribly sad. The attacker would have gone to jail promptly in the U.S. I was reading about the widespread corruption in India. You can’t have a civilized country with corrupt police.


@writer99025 that’s nothing unusual here in my country, it happens so many times, and some things are even worse to even mention! Well, I guess your country is not the only one with these problems - welcome to my country, where nobody gives a damn either!

That’s why I closed myself in a remote house and living the dream!


As a Pakistani, I can say for certain it happens here in Pakistan as well. Anyone below the middle class is treated like shit and even if you try to help the systems screws you over.


Shame on those stupid children. :frowning:


Yes, this lady is of the same age as my mother. It is incredible how my mother lives in a different world and she lives in this world. It’s like my mother or the middle class/upper class are in the first world, where everything works for them, and the rest of the country is still in the third world. It’s so easy to get lost in our own world and obsess over our problems when real problems are far more serious.


Now we have two societies like that suddenly since we have immigrants afraid to go to the police.
We will also have those with medical care and those with none. Again. The marriage thing in India sounds like a big problem, something I hear about almost every day due to my marriage spell.


LOL…I know. My relatives think something is wrong with me for not marrying. I laugh at them, because I know what marriage is like in India. Me being happy and independent without asking anyone for anything makes them mad as well… :joy:


I’m 22 and my family is literally guilting me into getting married…we got it rough mate.


Will you order a bunch of gigs for the wedding planning?


It seems like families control who and when people marry, and they are obligated to do what they are told and marry who they are told to marry no matter what they would prefer. So then they want my marriage spell to overcome this burden the culture places on them.


I don’t have it rough, I have been independent since 21 when my father died. Have stayed away from everyone, couldn’t care less, built my own house at 23 :slight_smile: My mom is also equally independent, has her own home, income and savings and stays in another city. Our relatives don’t understand how we can be like this. LOL.


I don’t understand too :confused::confused::confused:


Anyway, we are moving away from the topic.


Situation such as this arise in Pakistan too… it feels so bad to witness such circumstances…


That’s so horrible :frowning: I feel so badly for that poor woman. How terrible that her employer is more concerned than her children! :frowning:


You’re a living inspiration for millions of South Asian guys. More or less, it’s the same life style we have here. And the relatives? They care less than anyone when you’re in worse condition :confused:


You know, the moment you stop caring what other people think about you, you are free.


Sometimes that’s easier said than done. Other people and what they think about you is built into being human to some extent, at least among the sane. But when you have self confidence and an intelligence that lets you look around at the world and people and make some rational observations about how screwed up society is, it becomes easier.


I want to, so desperately, stop caring what the world thinks and does. Like you said, it’s easier said than done.

Life would be so much easier if I could turn off my emotions. I know how much you care about people just by the things you write. I find myself being less and less patient the older I get. You have a special gift that I no longer possess.

I was born in Asia but grew up in the states. With everything I’ve been through, I count my blessings that I am here. My life would have turned out so different had I been anywhere else.