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Terrible transaction

So i was browsing for some twitch transition …after making my choice i process an order and guess what Fivver charged my credit card twice and now i have no order in my dashboard how is that even possible…not only you charge my credit card twice but also i have nothing in my order page. Now i have to wait 48h or more to get an awnser for my ticket and it will probably take severals days to fix the issue.I never experience anything like this before what is this ? and why theres no way to call customer support to speak with someone.


There is no way to call them. You can open ticket by sending them email and
you should place your words properly.

My name is :::::.

I placed order and my card was charged twice and order is not visible in my status.

I would appreciate if you could check this and refund me my money and investigate what is the status of my order.

Do I have to contact seller?

Thank you.

Kind regards.

Did you talk with seller before placing order? I also have service in streaming animations and conversation prior order is a must.

What is the seller saying? Does he see the order and payment on his end?

And for future reference the better and more proper message in ticket equals faster response (in my experience).


Contacting the seller wont fix the double charge on my card… its illegal to charge a credit card 2 times.

But contacting Fiverr Customer Support will. Send them a message (i.e., open a support ticket), and they’ll fix if for you, although, it may take a few days for CS to be able to respond. They are very busy, and short-staffed during this results of this pandemic. Please be patient.

If it helps, I had a client who experienced this same thing. It’s an uncommon site error – and yes, CS can fix it for you. This is no in purpose, illegal, or intentional. It is a bug that can (and in my client’s case) was fixed. It is unwise to immediately jump to conclusions. Just contact CS, and they’ll fix it.

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I’m so sorry that this happened to you. It happend to one of my clients last month as well. He contacted the CS and the situation was easly solved. CS can take a while to answer during the pandemic situation, but they will certainly revert the situation in case your card has been charged twice.

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Illegal is to strong word for this.

We had a guy this year who was charged for buying car 12 times or something like that. He was purchasing over internet and website crashed and he end up paying for 12 cars Tesla or something like that. They refunded him money.

Problem could be on your bank too. Just yesterday on my bank account I saw same transaction charged twice but when I checked the total amount it was only deducted once so it was glitch in the bank website.

Either way it will be resolved. It is frustrating when it happens to you but since there is nothing really you can do to make it fix faster, and it is weekend, all that remains is patience.

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