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Terrific story needs answer?

Hi Guys,
I am a new seller here, i recently got first order of $200, She just told me to exchange work through email as it is private work and protected also. I contacted her and she gave me the file. [I BROKE FIVERR TOS AS I WAS NOT KNOWING A THAT TIME]
I have friends also who translate so i gave them that work and pay them. Now i have translated all of hers work Excellent but she says i want to cancel this order on my email. She had not submitted a cancellation request What should i do? I contacted Fiverr but they say you have broke Fiverr TOS. Waiting for that User to submit a cancellation request and i contact fiverr again :confused: I exerted effort it was huge work also. I am tensed what to do now.

Well, I’d say you got mugged. Always follow TOS.

Asking or contacting buyers/sellers by email (or even skype, etc…) is against the ToS, I’m also facing somewhat similar problem but not that bad.

I learned that you should NOT contact by emails not matter what.