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Tesla or Hand Cranked Clown Car? (Fiverr)

Hi Fiverr’s

Does any one else feel sometimes working on Fiverr is 1step froward 2steps back.
With so much spam and the positioning of ones gig changing by the hour now.
It feels like Fiverr is not so cutting edge. Compression of posted audio and video. Minimal advertising
All there is to read on the forums now is negative stuff.
And how Fiverr is de-monetizing accounts as fast as You-Tube.
Just feel like a vent.
Still doing good on here, but I see no positive changes since they went public.
You want to be a Tesla or a 1800’s cranked banger Fiverr?


In 100-years, the 1800s cranked banger will still work after an engine recondition and an oil change. The Tesla, you won’t be so lucky with. All the electrics will need replacing due to capacitors expanding and plastic and rubber insulation on wires perishing. The battery will have also expanded, leaked, and caused a major bio-hazard.

I’ll take the 1800s banger since it will hold its value better. :wink:

I’m not sure I share your sentiments about Fiverr, I’m happy enough. I could have more orders, However, the recent lull has allowed me to up prices and overhaul my business. I’m now getting better clients and some killer reviews as a result.

The IPO is a strange one. I don’t know why people expect an IPO to result in drastic improvements. Really going public is just a money-spinner. The Fiverr IPO probably came at the right time in this respect.

Confidence in other tech companies like We Work is now plummeting and even Tesla shares are only worth however well-received Elon Musks latest Tweets are.

Well, Fiverr still dominates the grab and go freelance service market. Other platforms get around compression of video and audio by letting sellers embed videos from Youtube. The catch there is that it makes it ridiculously easy for anyone to misrepresent themselves. i.e. I could embed one of your YT videos in my gig and say your voice is mine.

Fiverr is definitely not an easy ride. However, it does help to look at the positives and how you can leverage these in your favor, rather than stress over the negatives.


Like this thread? I don’t feel negative at all about fiverr. I’m positive that I get out of fiverr as much as I put into it and feel like the sky is the limit, and only is limited by how much or how little I put into it. I don’t know where else I could have that advantage.

I don’t feel it’s to my advantage to focus on the discouraging aspects so I don’t. There is plenty to like about fiverr and I’m very appreciative of that. And as outspoken as I am, I would say so if I felt differently.

When you say fiverr is de-monetizing accounts do you mean banning sellers? They don’t want people here who violate the terms of service. It’s surprising how many do that and then are surprised when they get banned. Or do you mean that some sellers no longer get orders due to bad placement of their gigs? We don’t know the actual reasons for that but there is tremendous competition now so that might have something to do with it.

As far as Tesla goes, I don’t know much about that but do remember some horrific incidents that have happened, more recently with the automatic steering system. So as beautiful as those are, I wouldn’t buy one.

According to the CEO, Full Self-Driving will be available this year from Tesla with self-driving taxis by 2020 and, eventually, cars without a steering wheel or pedal.


It probably doesn’t help that Fiverr filters out lots of gigs by default.

eg. on one category with one type of selection (subcategory?) it defaults to “Sort by Best Selling” and it shows just 11 services (and one of the gigs it shows in the “best selling” sort is a Pro seller with 0 reviews and no “recent delivery” date shown). If you change the sort to “recommended” it shows 249 services. Just by changing the sort. It should show about the same number whatever the sort method. If you don’t have one of those 11 services that it shows by default it’s going to be harder to get order in that subcategory.


The algorithm is a mess for many sellers. The positions change by the hour. But what bothers me the most is the compression of posted audio and video. I even reached out to customer support about this with an example, and the rep claimed he couldn’t hear much difference - going against the fact that I’m an audio professional, who together with several other audio professionals have been complaining about this. If several audio professionals say “Hey! Something is wrong here!” and they answer back with “We can’t hear it” then that just proves one thing: they don’t care.

Fiverr has been operating at a loss for several years, so I’m gonna make an educated guess here, and say they have been ordered to ignore this, because the technical dept. have been ordered to compress the hell out of anything they can, to save on bandwidth.

The problem with this is, the buyers will think that’s the quality they receive, and perhaps move on to some other platform, that actually showcases their talent in a proper manner.

After the rep said he couldn’t hear the difference, I just gave up. If they are going that route, they won’t care or respond properly no matter what we say about the issue.


Here, Here ! Where is the insentive to better. Make better videos for your gig etc. If the goal posts are constantly moving, it’s hard to go upwardly mobile on Fiverr. Feels like the American “burn and turn” philosophy. Keep the new and hungry busy… I need to keep premium gas Fiverr in my gas guzzling Navigator for goodness sake :hugs:

I really don’t think this is a big risk. I’ve previously bought voice overs from several buyers and several platforms. I can safely say that my best result came from Fiverr. My problem was/still is the fact that I can’t afford to buy from that seller.

I also chose the seller who’s VO service I love on Fiverr, because of the samples they had in their portfolio. Maybe there was some compression and distortion going on. However, I didn’t notice.


My original gigs are virtually uncompressed. As an audiophile my self I would say the video is mildly compressed but audio is now at 192k at best. Anyone who has XM radio knows how sad that sounds

Can someone post both uncompressed VO on fiverr, and compressed so I can hear if I notice the difference? As I recall, you can post the link to a youtube video as a sample of your work?

News just in! At least on my end, I can’t hear any audio on any Fiverr seller gig I try to play. Video, voice over, there is no sound. However, audio on my PC is fine with things like YT videos, media from other sites, and media on my own hard drive.

Maybe someone could confirm if they can here audio on Fiverr or not at the moment?

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I just listened to Steve’s gig and it was loud and clear. I do not see a youtube link in the description for the first gig Steve.

Thank you,
If you compare it the same YouTube clip the nuances of a $2000 microphone are gone.

I just checked your gigs. I hear audio just fine.

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Yeah, something strange seems to be going on my side. Any Fiverr Google Chrome tab I open is muted by default an I can’t unmute it… It seems I have computer gremlins. I’ll come back once I’ve made sure my Bitcoin is secure!

There ya go. I’m about to listen now to see if I can hear the differences.

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That’s strange. I do not see the link you have to youtube in the first instance where I looked but looked again and it’s there at the top:

Yes it’s a huge difference in fidelity and detail. That’s very impressive.

(If anyone using Windows 10 knows how to take a screenshot and save it please let me know. Got a new computer.)

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Press Prt Scrn button
Then control V in paint
That’s it

When I press prt scn button nothing happens. It just moves this page up to the top.