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Test cannot take the "english test" for no reason, just shown this "errorld 203: ticket already taken

the message, I was got “errold 203: Ticket already Taken” & “Wait 92 days to retake the test”
I didn’t get the questions paper. now, what can I do?


This means you may have already taken the test, or closed the test window after starting once before.

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My same problem bro…

now what can i do for that. suggest me

i am upset brother, .

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same problem. What should I do now?

@mishu93 , @maruf88990 You both will need to wait for new window to retake the test. There’s nothing more you can do about it.


Thank you very much for your suggestion

Now the new rules have made the English test mandatory (With the exception of some countries) for fiverr. com Gig Publishing.

Whenever you take that exam, you will see that a new pop-up window has opened. Either way, you want to minimize or close the newly launched pop-up window, your test will be canceled. CZ You have violated the rules of

If this is the case with Gig Publish, you will have to wait 30 days, and 24 hours for the skill test, to retake the test. At the end of 30 days, the fiverr robot revoke its token or condition

All in all, one suggestion for you is to do more research on to become a professional and grow your personal skills. You will have only one target or one goal, the buyer is 100% satisfied with your work. Because the fiverr marketplace is very updated and advanced.

Happy Working with Fiverr
Thank U…

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Just read and follow these instructions and you will be fine next time. :wink:


Same problem here. What should I do now ?

Thanks for your important information

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