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Test Descriptions?


I recently had a client pull out of a potential job because he/she wanted me to write a “test description” I’ve had many clients ask for samples, but I’ve never been asked to write one product description for free to secure paying work.

I was wondering if that was just some random expression of buyer insanity or is this more common than I imagine? My gig prices are already so low and now I have buyers asking if can do a freebie.

While I do appreciate that on Fiverr, the buyer is king, I’m not yet at the stage where I’m going to be like a grocery, handing out free product descriptions to buyers hoping that they’ll eventually pay.



Nonsense! The buyer is not king. You the seller are king and you must act like it. And this was not a buyer and never would be one.
It was someone who wanted free work.


Lol! Well I try to act like it. But it’s tough with a paper crown!

The hurtful bit is that the product, for which the gratis description was requested, was listed at a price of more than $2000.00. There are more than 90 of them on the site.

When I was told that I would not be hired without the test description, I wished the individual all the best in their future endeavors.

Just keeping my fingers crossed that there won’t be any vindictive response.



It’s quite common, unfortunately. He wasn’t a client, though, since he never placed an order. He was just someone trying to manipulate you into writing without pay.


He was possibly a scammer trying to present your work as his own.