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Test results disappearing?

It’s so weird, I passed 3 tests yesterday - Basic English, English to Russian and Russian to English translation.

Today, I have only Basic English on my profile, although my English-Russian and Russian-English skills are still marked with green seals. And, when I click and try to pass any of those disappeared two again, I get “ErrorId 207: Incorrect TestId”.

A damn shame too, I got really good marks. UmU


You could report it to Fiverr through the helpdesk (creating a support ticket) to see if they can fix it.
I only see 1 of those tests on your profile.


Done and done. <3
I was merely interested whether anyone else has encountered this issue.


It shows different amounts for me when not logged in than it does when I’m logged in. The tests it shows (eg. when not logged in) differ from the test results I’ve selected to show. I even uploaded a spreadsheet in a support ticket for them to see which tests show/don’t show where. They ended up closing my ticket without actually solving it.

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Same thing happens to me. My “Web Design Principles” test result is gone. :confused: :worried:


Three of mine have gone … and it’s showing an error when clicking on the ones that should be showing, but aren’t

Apparently the code has corona too …


A bunch of mine disappeared, too.


Mine only shows 9 now (when logged out, in Firefox) when the Google cache version (text only) shows 43 :frowning:

It looks like it’s not a bug, and they’ve intentionally removed most of the skill tests and test results despite all the time we took to do them. So i’ve now lost the vast majority of the tests I’ve done forever :frowning: :cry:

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It’s so sad. I just took the test last week and now it’s gone. :worried:


Well crap. And they only now decided to inform us xD

Thanks for letting us know <3


Hi how are you? May be I can help you. Just few minutes ago I received an email from Fiverr. where some words are “We wanted to update you that we have decided to remove many of the skill tests from our platform and moving forward will be using a select few”

That is the reason, your other tests are not showing. Hope this will help you. Thanks,


Now why would they do that? :grin:

Sorry you lost all your tests. I know you took a lot of time to get those but honestly they don’t do what is needed namely getting sales probably.

It was cool to be able to showcase your knowledge a little bit. I hesitate to believe that tests haven’t ever helped to score gigs, especially translation related ones. It’s just a touch more credibility, especially considering that some people never even bothered to take those.


I had a few tickets open and the last thing written by CS in that support ticket in July 31 last year was:

Let me check this further with our tech team and we will let you know once we have an update

Someone from CS answered a recent support ticket (different issue) and then closed it and then the others (that had been open for a long time) were closed on the same day all close to the same time, probably by the person who closed the original one. Despite the previous tickets saying they’d give an update (or the tech team would) but no update was given.

eg. another that just got closed on the same day and approx same time said:

Once the issue is resolved, one of our support team members will update this request with the feedback received from our tech team

as the last thing in the ticket. No update was received after that. It just got set to solved (I assume without them actually checking whether it actually had been solved or not, just closing it because it had been open for a long time.).

I have completed english test but i have not got reslut. Any idea please?

lol i just ended the test after finishing all the questions, does it mean it cancel the test?? :worried: :worried: