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Test Score featuring problem

Hi everyone,
I am new to this forum.
I got 8.2/10 on my Basic English test score, but I can not see Fiverr featuring this score on my profile. How can I solve it? Kindly help.

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All test scores are hided unless you select to display them. So go to settings.


@marinapomorac Thank you for prompt reply. But I can not see any option that shows my test score display. :frowning:

Go to profile, click on take a test, select the test you already have chosen in bottom right corner you have show on profile…

Can not find it! There is nothing that shows my previous test score option! It show only ‘Start Test’! :thinking:
*One more thing, my profile is currently offline.

  1. Click Take a Test
  2. Click on test you have passed
  3. Click Show on profile

EDIT When did you pass that Basic English test? I can see it is no more available… Recently Fiverr reduced a number of tests that can be taken. So my explanation would be that if you passed that test before FIverr made those changes, it would not be shown anywhere anymore.

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Hey, @blavaro Thanks for your reply. I score
I passed 23 May, 2020. just 3 days ago!

Click on image

Check image

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This screen shot was taken on 23rd. Now here shows nothing! :frowning:

This is strange. I am afraid I can not help with this. You may want to contact CS for support.

I think so. But Thanks mate. You have tried to find out the solution. Let me check.

@sayeediqbal Are you Complete the Last step of Skill test!

Test result was featured on my profile for one day.

go to profile & on the option “Show on Profile” see this image below the bottom

Fiverr removed the Basic English test and has two new English tests to replace it.
@ahmwritingco has some useful info in this post. :arrow_down: