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Test taken by fivver

The test taken by fivver showing score is 6.2 but result by topics it’s 9.7 ! Fivver showing wrong result score !

On mine for that test (Basic English) it shows 11 topics and I think averaged together they may give the very roughly the actual score (though mine gives slightly higher than the average of the topic figures). But it doesn’t show the test results of that test on my profile in Chrome or logged out

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5+10+5+7.5+10=37.5 out of 40. (37.5/40)*10=9.375…

as u can see the picture i post, its giving an option show on profile.just click on that option for showing result on ur profile.

There should be 11 topics I think on the “Basic English” test. Maybe your screen isn’t showing them all. You should be able to scroll down to see the results. Check with another browser maybe? Are you using Chrome?

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thanks for telling! i just checked and its showing 11 topics…

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