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Test wouldn't work and now I can't publish my Gig

I just prepared my entire profile as a proofreader (I have already done the English test, months ago) - at the end when I wanted to publish, Fiverr requested that I write a test - so I told it to continue so that I could write - thought it must be some other test - then a box pops up saying that the test is unavailable (or something like that). So I went back to the previous page and came back to try and do the test and it reckoned that I now have to wait 90 days before I can publish - but I never even had a chance to WRITE THE TEST?! and I have already done the English test - I passed perfectly fine - I can’t wait another month and half? What must I do? Please help!


I would suggest contacting Customer Support! If you have any screenshots that show that you previously passed the test, those would be very useful in proving your case. I hope this helps!


Thank you krheate - I will try that!

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