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Test your skills on Fiverr and show the results on your profile (Beta)


Have you noticed that we can test our skills on Fiverr? (Beta)
I can only see tests related to translation skills (perhaps they only show me tests related to my gigs).

When we pass the test we can show the results on our profile.



Yes! I’ve noticed this change a 1 week or two ago. It’s very obvious that 5r is morphing into UW. I also, find it weird that they are only offering this (beta) test in translation category. :cup_with_straw:


So that’s why smoke starts billowing out of my PC when I visit Google translate…


This “take test” thing is showing since the day Fiverr went nuts changing everybody’s profile and giving us super extra skills :roll_eyes:


I think it’s rubbish, really.

FYI~ I’m not in the translation category, so I don’t know what the questions are. However, it’s anything like UW. A simple Google search for the answers, it definitely defeats the purpose. I’ve heard once you’ve taken the tests. Sellers can opt to make it visible or hide it. I wonder if the LOGO etc. categories are next. :thinking:


I don’t see any of these Beta options at all… How do I access these? Even when the ‘Available Now’ Beta was … available, I had no option to opt into that feature. :confused: I would really appreciate the help! Thanks.


They are using the same tests!

Yes, we can decide to show it or not.

The tests are powered by expert rating
They have 800 tests

On your profile. Under “languages”, there is “take a test” section.


:drooling_face: Yummy Super Extra Skills :yum:



Nope. :arrow_double_up: This is what I see :thinking: Do I have to opt-in to Fiverr Beta or something for that? Cuz I am using the good ol’ classic Fiverr… Not sure if there is another version or something xD :rofl: Sorry if I sound like a noob :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @carineb


As it’s a beta feature, perhaps not every sellers can see the skill tests.


Ahh, I see… Maybe it is a closed, ‘invitation only’ Beta perhaps? Also, I am a relatively new seller… So yeah. IDK :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks for the help! :smiley:


Hi, Carine!

Eek! :grimacing:

Thanks for confirming, so they are using the same questions. :woman_facepalming:t4:
wait another :woman_facepalming:t4: what a joke.

Are you going take these tests?


Do you offer translation services? It’s for that category only.


Hello Nika,

Nope… Not as of right now at least… But I was worried because I am unable to see these Beta options at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: that the others seem to be able to see… For example… Even back when the ‘Available now’ option was up, I couldn’t see anything about it on my profile or account. So, I was just getting a little worried.



It’s all good. Available Now wasn’t avail for moi, too. :wilted_flower:

Now, it’s unavailable so yeah another one bites the dust. :grin:


I have already taken and passed 3 of them. I was curious :wink:
But I decided to show only one result (English to French) because I only sell translations from English to French.
But we can see on my profile that I have passed 3 tests. There is a green check next to my skills.

I am about to take a test for a language I don’t speak. I wan’t to see the results of Google translate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Aight… cool. Thanks for the info. :sunny:


I have it too, but I don’t have my language on the list, so I cant take the test


Yup! You’ve nailed it! :ok_hand:t4::tada::balloon::ribbon::confetti_ball:


Ooh, post an update here. :smiley:


I’m a curious kitty :smiley_cat:, what happens if people fail these tests? Do they get another chance to retake? or booted off?


I didn’t pay attention that we need to have 60%. What a shame! I am sure that google translate can have more than 60% !