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Testimonial/Video People - Would you record a gig video for ANOTHER Fiverr seller?


I had to tell this buyer that I wouldn’t do it for conflict of interest.

My thing is, if I record a video for another Fiverr seller, then I become associated with that particular gig. If that seller then starts garnering negative feedback, it impacts me.

What is your stance on this?


I do gig videos for other fiverr sellers all the time to use on their gigs but these are not with me in the videos. If you are referring to videos where you appear in the video then that is not allowed as fiverr now only allows the gig seller to appear in the video they are using on their gig.


I figured this as much. I had people request this twice, and figured it was against Fiverr TOS. But more so, it is a conflict of interest. I expressed this. The buyer then requested a mutual cancellation (after withdrawing the request and making things difficult even though the buyer who is also a seller KNEW that this was against Fiverr’s TOS).

Thanks guys.