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Testing a New Feature: Fiverr Discounts

Hey gang,

I just received an automated email from Fiverr, asking me if I want to participate in a test roll-out of a new feature.

They are planning on offering a discount feature, meaning you will be able to offer discounts to attract more customers.

Said discounts are sponsored by Fiverr, so if you offer a 10% discount, your buyer will end up paying 10% less, but Fiverr will make up the difference so you still make the same.

Here’s how it works:

You choose how much discount you want to offer (from 10% to 30%) and Fiverr then decides which gig of yours should offer it, and to what group of buyers.

So you don’t have a say in what gig you want the discount applied to.

You also don’t have a say on how long this discount badge will appear on your gig.

The email had some fine print, mentioning anywhere between 1-3 weeks, at Fiverr’s discretion.

Now before people start asking “how to turn it on” or “when it’s rolling out”, this is just a test apparently.

So it will be months before we see any official word on how and if it will be implemented.

What do you think?


Thanks for the update Frank.

Initial, quick thoughts, are that this is my least favourite idea, by far, out of all of the ideas I’ve seen from Fiverr over the past 6 months or so.

Discounts to generate new business aren’t something I’m a fan of. I’m a fan (much like I know you are) of selling the value of our service, and positioning it accordingly. We avoid tactics that involve meddling with the price - we pitch based on being able to deliver what the client needs, being able to solve a problem for them. The price is, what the price is, and it’s down to us to convince them that our pricing took thought, and is good value.

Going back to my years as a Sales Trainer, we always used to advise sales people to avoid the “10% off your first order” tactic, because it means you’re selling on price, rather than value. Plus, your seller now knows you can discount - they’re going to want you to do it again in the future. “Wait, this is more expensive than last time” is always an awkward, tacky conversation to have to have.

Perhaps as a method of bringing back some previous customers, whom you’ve lost contact with, this could work. But as Fiverr won’t allow us to reach out to customers, we’d be reliant on them doing some customer segmentation for us. Previous customers who haven’t re-ordered in 6 months for example, could automatically be sent an e-shot offering them a small discount to encourage them back. In that instance, I could maybe be on-board. But for generating brand new business? I don’t like it.

Just my 2 cents, but I think if Fiverr is trying to position themselves as a professional marketplace, with professional prices to match, gimmicky 10% off discounts seem a bit of a contradiction.

Anyway, I’m still hoping that one of these days they’ll give me access to Promoted Gigs! Now THAT feature, I’m interested in! :slightly_smiling_face:


I completely agree.

Although to be fair, this is something like:
you are a vendor in a mall, and the mall decides to offer coupons with every purchase on your store.

Or something to that extent.

For people like us who are trying to maintain a certain position and convey value, it may end up being hurtful.

But for the majority of low-priced sellers that complain about a lack of traffic?

It may pump sales number up.


I like your analogy. The ‘10% off at the Mall today’ coupon would come with restrictions. You can use it to get $2 off a dozen Krispy Kremes, but not $5,000 off of a new Tesla…

Perhaps similar thought to restrictions and limitations needs to happen here. For some high-volume sellers where a low price is one of their key factors in generating sales, this could really help.

I can imagine established sellers facing a sales slump might be tempted by it. But, slumps aren’t usually caused by you over-charging. There’s normally something else at play, and offering a discount is unlikely to fix the issue.

I just think once you reach a certain level of seller, you have to assume that they don’t need gimmicks to make sales any more.


Maybe this feature is just that: Fiverr testing things that may bring in more sales to the platform, when certain factors are in play.


wow sounds cool. that would be really helpful.

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More important question before we get everybody asking and opening new topics:

Is this for all or something like:
We’ll evaluate your eligibility according to the following standards:

  • You’re a Level 2 or Top Rated seller
  • At least one of your Gigs is in an eligible category
  • Your Gig scored 4.7 in public rating
  • Your Gig has at least 30 reviews

But I must say, this is strange. It is not like they are operating with loss.
I offer discount the buyer pays less and Fiverr covers the difference to me sounds like to good of a deal that only brings Fiverr loss.


yeah kind of. i feel like same later.

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I see the same issue, I think the 10% off coupons that Fiverr already gives out to buyers sometimes, to use on whichever gig, is better, psychologically. Your gig isn’t presented as a “10% off gig”, but the buyer sees you regular gig and is well aware that they only use their Fiverr-gifted voucher on your gig this time (and it’s not a rebate that you chose to give), and will have to pay the full price next time (unless they’ll have another voucher from Fiverr until then).
The financial effect for the buyer is the same, but the psychological effect, IMO, isn’t. Maybe it depends a bit on how exactly it will be presented, “aesthetically”, and worded, though.


My favourite take away platform has a 20% discount on Tuesdays. I therefore only order on Tuesdays.


That’s fact. Fiverr offering many things like fiverr choices badges, promoted gig but this isn’t for all.

It may entice me to buy a more expensive gig or maybe even a PRO gig. The price may have kept me away but when I see a discount, psychologically, my brain says, “Go ahead, you’re saving money.”

Reality is that I’m spending but sales price are just too tempting. I went to buy one pair of shoes, walked out with 6: " Buy 2 get 1 free" :woman_shrugging: - my brain said I was getting 2 free shoes. Lol. :grin::laughing:


wow… it’s a great idea.It will help to promote more clients.
as well as it can be more helpful for the new members joining our Fiverr community, so my personal opinion that every member should be given this opportunity regardless of them being new or old here. like promoting NEW SELLERS… :grimacing: :grimacing:

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I just found this thread via the search bar! I’ve had a similar idea for quite some time, at the bottom of my comment you can see the threar I created earlier today:

I think that it’s a great idea for adding “Discounts” and I’ve had it from quite some time. Buyers get a notification = Great. Buyers get a discount on something that they already wanted but (probably) couldn’t afford at the time = Win. Sellers getting more sells and instant clicks = Win.

If Fiverr implements that and covers the discounts… Man, that would be crazy! They’ll make some huge profit out of this and they’ll definitely grow even more.


It’s sounds like a valid experiment on Fiverr’s part.

Although by the sounds of it, you will not be in control of which gig of yours gets picked, or when or for how long.

So it seems like they are just trying to see if discounted gigs, will get more sales in, for certain control groups.

Not sure if you want buyers who only purchase based on pricing alone.


I’m uncertain it will work. Normally I don’t offer discounts. This week, I gave someone a $5 discount. Now he says he doesn’t like his story, and wants a new one. Not only am I being scammed, but I had originally given him $5 off anyway. So, I’m hesitant in offering discounts through any method or reason.

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This is the best idea I’ve heard coming from Fiverr since they let us withdraw revenue right away after someone reviews an order. These days I’m pissed of because they are destroying the audio quality of my gig videos though, so I’m a bit sad to see they are focusing on everything else and not that, which has been an issue for a year now.

But anyway, this sounds like a sweet deal.

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Its good for the seller and clients, but i think it will be happening soon for the upcoming Christmas or New year sales event :smiley: