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Testing our search placement algorithm


Hi Doers!

Some of you may have noticed some… strange things happening to your searched Gig placements in the marketplace. Not to fear, we’re running some tests on the search placement algorithm in order to best maximize placement for all Gigs.

The goal of these tests is to make sure that we’re surfacing the best Gigs for the intended search. For example, we don’t want to show Gigs that are not active, sellers who are on vacation, etc, etc. We’re weighing a multitude of factors for these tests and not one specific aspect of a Gig is the focus.

We are constantly working to improve the marketplace and appreciate your patience while we work to make the marketplace even better for sellers!

Please post any questions you have below and we will do our best to address any concerns you have about these marketplace upgrades.

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Thank God, Finally an official News about it… I hope it sorts out soon as we are the DOERS and you guys TRUST on US, right. :wink:


Mystery solved! :dizzy:


I appreciate the fact that we’re hearing from the higheruppers!

Badge of honor!


Or just from me. :smiley:


Well, that’s good to hear.
At least now I know why my gig with 70 reviews keeps getting placed with new arrivals or gigs with a couple of reviews. Do you have any estimated time-frame for when things will finally calm down? Are there any new criteria for gig rankings you can share with us, now or at a later date?
Thank You


No set time frame, these are ongoing tests. Once we lock down guidelines or can share the outcomes, we will!

I'm Level Two Seller But, Not Getting Order!

While I appreciate the update and it sounds like a positive move, it would have been great to know in advance. I am sure there was a level of the unknown for staff about this, as with any testing period, many sellers who are used to higher placings have suddenly seen orders drop substantially. With advance notice, they could have scheduled holidays, other activities etc during the time it is running. Even just the knowledge of testing being underway would have settled a lot of nerves.
Like I say, the improvements sound great and I look forward to them being implemented.


In the meantime, everyone that has any spare time focus on self-advertising and gaining referrals from old clients.


Any news about how soon it will be take affect and everything will be fine ?



@mjensen415 , Can you advise on how long this issue has been going on?


at last, there is some news at least. Can we do Facebook Advertising since then ourselves?


As @mjensen415 said there is no set time.

Yes, you can. I don’t see any reason why you can’t, just don’t spam pages.


No, I will just do paid adverts for 5-10 days.


Yeah, that’s a better idea.
Talking about spamming, @mjensen415 is anyone working on fixing the buyer requests section? I don’t use them anymore but someone needs to stop sellers from posting their own services in the BRS and make it easier for buyers. We’ve seen more than a few buyers asking us in the forum why the details for their projects were not accepted. Sorry, for piling this all on you.


Thankyou sir for declaration.
My gig was on first page 7-8 row on keyword “backlinks” and after this algorithm test my gig washed out from the search of “backlinks” i checked almost 20 pages but cant find, can you make sure that after resolve this algorithm all the gigs which gone missing from searches will be back in searches?


O that’s why My impressions started going down :frowning: . However i don’t mind if final results are better. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for letting us know.


Thank you @eoinfinnegan, @mjensen415, very nice news and can’t w8 to see the updates :slight_smile: