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Testing our search placement algorithm


Not to mention the amount of tickets sent in to CS that Fiverr could’ve avoided by simply giving a heads up (and the vast amount of Forum Threads on this matter), at least to a select group of sellers if not to everyone - or maybe Fiverr wanted to put the CS team to test :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Thanks finally i can relax!


Knew it. Called it. Wasted many hours of Forum reading.


In Doers We Trust!


I keep the record all of my work for the last three years. It gives me a good idea about my selling. If I compare to the last year April with this year April, I lost almost 50% of my sales. I was worried about it. Now I knew the reason. Great relief! Thanks for the message. I hope everything will be OK soon.


Wasn’t totally wasted, at least you got to meet the delightful forum mod team.
Actually, never mind.


Hello there.


I’m really glad to make part of this, and I’ll be really happy to help with anything.

That’s what I always fought for. I buy a loooot of things on internet, so if I search for something, and want to get what I’m searching, not random results. It’s simple like this, but of course it doesn’t meant it’s simple to create a algorithm for this.


There is much HUZZAH!!! on this side of the spectrum.


I’m glad I saw this. I was about to edit some gigs but will wait. Thank you for the announcement.


Good to know…but I will strongly suggest you inform the community before you embark on such changes in the future. It would be much better that way. Always carry us along and make us feel that we belong too as I think we DEFINITELY do belong…


Thanks for official statement :slight_smile: Hope you will sort out this issue


I studied the basics of algorithms when I studied engineering. I know it’s not simple, but a simple mistake (a simple symbol like >,.-+/* etc placed n the wrong place of the code) could make a big mess.

We all (who have a good performance due to our hard work) want to see our gigs on top, because we are working hard for this. I’m not saying that he or she should be on top, but letting our performance decide is the most fair possible solution. Talking about RATING sort search.

Actually there are some simple keywords like “VECTOR” that CANT find my gig, but finds copies of my gig. IT’s really frustrating, but knowing that staff really want to change this, it brings me a new hope :slight_smile:


Thank You So much, I was really worried. I send a message to Customer Support, but this is not what i heard. they said "I’d also like to mention that we only provide a marketplace for sellers and buyers to do business, and we can’t guarantee sales. We also can’t guarantee a Gig’s position in search. "

by the way Thank you so much for letting us know officially. I know that many of the sellers are depending on Fiverr. trust in life. I’m more than 1 year completed with fiverr. also I left my Job and Now I’m Full time seller.

but last week i was really worried. so far fiverr is nice place to talented sellers. Hope you will fix the issue soon.

Thank you


Hi Mjensen,
I have a gig with over 200+ 5-star reviews. It is my “I will give you an ACCURATE Psychic reading” gig.
When you searched through the “High Average Ratings” section, this gig was in the first 2 rows.
Now my gig is not even remotely close to the first page!
There are gigs with 11 star reviews that are being replaced by my gig, this is not fair! I worked 2 hard years to get my gig to this position and you are giving my position away to someone with 11 reviews. There is a gig with 0 reviews that costs $995! Obviously the higher the gig price is, the better placement it will receive.

Is there anyway I can message you so you can put this gig back on top? My sales are very slow - I was atleast $300-400 short last month. I would really appreciate it. This is not fair that you are treating your veterans like this!


Could the tests be better done on a backup (copy) of the database instead of the live system? That way many different algorithm adjustments could be tested without actually affecting the live system.


Glad to hear this. I was worried since my best selling gig (7k+ positive reviews) disappeared from search in the “average customer reviews” filter, hope things will get better now. Thanks for the update.


Being a seller I believe this testing phase has caused much loss at the moment but I can just keep trying and hope that better days are coming.



Thanks for give us the great news and I hope to get it live soon in Fiverr.


Finally a hope given to us by Fiverr ! Thank you for giving official notice about the gig or search placements :slight_smile:


Hi mjensen415, many people here including me were bothered about this last April.
April was not good for many Gigs. People played with prices because they noticed that poor new Gigs with high prices were often on top positions.
I think it’s very good idea to hide the Gigs which are not active.
Yesterday CSupport sorted my problem and very big thaks to them - last time Rena helped me. Cheers to CS_Rena.

But I don’t still know why my main Gig with 1 day delivery is not shown when “up to 24 hrs” is checked.
People say that it deppends on average delivery. May be yes, I don’t know.

Anyway big thanks to you for being here.
Fiverrers can get information now directly from specialist.