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Testing something out. Need opinion(s)

Hi everyone. I’m thinking of taking down the t-shirt gig to replace it with a logo designing gig. The only way I could know for sure if you guys think this logo is good.

I’m up for criticism…just not hurtful ones…
Thanks a lot in advance


Meh…It looks kind of cheaply made to be honest. What is up with the random purple dot on the top left of the “M”? I could make that logo off MS Paint.


As per my opinion you need to change something more and logo should be your moto relevant. I always prefer font logo , its very simple and meaningful . how ever go ahead . :slight_smile:

I am sorry to say, but this logo doesn’t have that professional look that attracts people towards the product or service or whatever.

Please learn some logo designing skills.
Try to put the theme within this single image.
Make the viewers feel like there is something inside it, more precious than what others make.

Otherwise, in the Graphics designing niche, I’m afraid, you won’t be important

As a trained 4-year degree-holding logo designer, I would have to honestly say, that does not appear to be a good logo. There are many things wrong with your technique, visualization, color concept, structure, etc. @psychicbunny is correct, it looks “cheaply made”.

If you have no training or experience designing top-quality logos, then I don’t recommend that try to offer those skills in a gig. Logo designing does not appear to be your forte.


If you see a logo of famous brand you will see that they are not just some colorful words and a vector image but they properly convey the motto of company, see here

There are some very basic points you need to take in mind such as shades of colors and contrast colors, colors of same pallate, flat colors, metro colors and fonts too.

I designed a logo for my client’s website, see this, it might not be a good logo but I am pretty sure that it’s not bad either.


Well, for the purple dot, I actually have the same thing on the other side but it’s covered by the J. I wanted to put the J where it didn’t look awkward…

I totally agree, but it’s kinda hard as I don’t feel much inspiration. I did MJ because it was simple to work with. I will give font logo I try before giving up :+1:

And I’m doing so. I made this from like 3 videos because I’m not use to the graphic software I downloaded so I’m trying all the techniques that are available

Well that doesn’t mean I can learn at the same time, even Leonardo started off with chalk before he painted The Last Supper. So, I’ll keep learning from my source and become more experienced

I don’t know maybe I overthink it too much :confounded: flashy is sometimes better I thought, but looking at yours, it shows that simplicity is always best

I will take all of your opinions and make a better logo :smile::+1:

Perhaps. But customers aren’t going to hire someone who doesn’t already have the skills and abilities they are trying to convince people to purchase. If want to learn how to be a professional in a skill, take a class at your local community college – learn how to master the skill, before trying to convince someone else that you already do.

Fiverr is a professional freelance services website, not a “test out skills that I don’t have” experimental sandbox.

Yes, and even Leonardo was a master painter before other people commissioned him to paint the masterpieces we all know and love today.


Nothing wrong with learning a new skill. But, if you were to offer logo design here, you would risk getting poor reviews and this would tank that Gig for you, given the above sample of your work at this stage . I think you would do better to keep learning from your source or even take some classes at a local community college etc in order to hone your skills. I do not think you are ready for prime time just yet.:slight_smile:


I agree with this, Internet is a really powerful tool when used correctly, there are thousands of good logo tutorials, Illustrator tutorials that if you dedicate a lot of time you will learn fast.

Best wishes for you, hope you can learn soon and do good in the marketplace

I will advise that you learn online, there are a whole lot of internet tutorials. For instance, you can learn from lynda, there are a lot of lessons there.

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To me, i think you should stay with what you know and can do best. From the comments, you are not good at logo design.or you can employ both.
Taste are different, some one might see your design and love it. so will order come in