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Testing, Testing, 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ad infinitum

So here’s the thing.
I don’t really have an issue with testing, tests, experiments etc regarding Fiverr. Sure, some are annoying, others are mildly useful and many of them cause massive upsurges in the amount of (sometimes positive) debate on the forum. Great.

However, I am beginning to wonder just how useful the tests can actually be at times. After all, when you test something, you need to be able to see the cause and effect of any results or changes that occur. Put simply:
If you increase a fee for buying to check how it affects overall sales, but at the same time have bugs which stop people ordering, change the algorithm to show more Pro/more New Sellers, and cut the marketing for “normal” gigs - how can you get any kind of definitive result from the test? How do you know which change caused which effect?

Comparing to other months or even the same period in the previous year is misleading as there have been tests ongoing for well over a year now so it seems to me that the baseline is not even there to measure against.

Surely it would be better to structure tests as one at a time, for a fixed period, preceded and followed by a “fallow” period where there isn’t any testing at all. Surely that would give better insight to how the change being tested affected things?


I’m using fiverr since 2013. I saw lots of changes, experiment and test being these time. What that affect on me - I would say - Bad impact on me… I’m saying, what i have been experienced. :smile:

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Precisely. The most infuriating thing about Fiverr tests, changes, new feature acrobatics, is that MY strategy which I implemented this year, is seeing me pump up my Fiverr and off-Fiver revenue, whilst at the same time teetering ever more closely to the edge of Fiverr demotion.

This in itself voids any data which Fiverr might have that their features are aiding my sales success. Why? Because I am consistently having to limit services and spend time working around bugs and tests, when I could be fulfilling more orders.

Split testing. Fine. Do it. What exactly, though, is the pre-existing benchmark results are being compared to? From my view, there simply can’t be one now. There is simply too much being tested at once alongside too many bugs.

Anyway, I won’t ramble on…


This should be their current logo.Artboard%201

You test things before launch. You don’t launch it first, then only do testing.
We are not lab mice or their BETA tester, a lot of us depend on them to survive, pay our bills, the only source of income, feeding the family, etc.



I totally agree with you. I was here 2011 and there were so many changes in Fiverr site. It caused for good and bad things and with my personal experience it moved to 60-70% bad side.

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I get that but it is not Fiverr’s responsibility to ensure you get business - to be fair.
Putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea regardless of what a company or platform says.

The point in my OP is simply regarding whether the testing can give accurate results, not whether they should test or not. I think testing new features and ideas is an important way for any site to develop and grow but it needs to be done in a structured and controlled way - that is what I am concerned about, that the tests may not be giving results that can be assessed properly.


I also start fiverr since 2011, the earliest 4 years it’s really kicking ass. They have a lot of new cool stuff launching and rewarding hard work sellers.

After they wanna introduce the Pro into the community, things start changing a lot, and it seem changed to a bad direction IMO.

Last month I thought I adapting their game right, I got the highest sales on fiverr with 99% new buyers and keep up all my score to 100,100,100,5 . I thought it was me going to a right direction but after they raise up the service fee, things start going to the opposite almost instantly!

I fully understand that it’s up and down on fiverr since I already with them so many years, but June dried up for Design category is kinda big, because we as a TRS or good sellers on this platform, we obey your rules and game which you like keep changes monthly, we thought we adapting it and moving to a right direction but hell you change it AGAIN and we suddenly unable to adapt it. We lose again.


Hahaha!!! I have received a Fiverr T-shirt too. :grinning::grinning:
but now??


I never a freelancer myself, I’m a fiverr seller for 7 years, because of fiverr I can sell my talent for money without industry qualification or job interview. For me, I’m not the ordinary freelancer just treat fiverr as another platform to sell my service. So I understand you say never put all eggs into a basket.

Now talking to my personal choice here.
How about wife? Should you put all eggs into a basket? When I love a thing, I will put all my effort and love into it, like few years back AAPL, I use all their stuff. For gaming, I only chose 1 platform, I won’t buy 2 consoles for that. That’s my characteristic and personal choice though. I did listen to you diversify my income but it more easier say than action, the point here is we are nothing outside of fiverr community because gonna start from ZERO again.


This right here is the perfect example of why @eoinfinnegan is my favorite forum mod.

From the shady changes in policies to all the questionable results, this post perfectly encompasses everything wrong with Fiverr at the moment.


Let’s just hope @eoinfinnegan never gets headhunted by a new freelance forum and the other mods don’t make you eat your words… :slight_smile:



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I think comparing Fiverr to a wife is probably not a great idea and no matter how tempting it is to joke about Beta testing, service fees and 1-5 star ratings, I am not going to do it :smiley:

Business is not the same as personal but I get that Fiverr probably encouraged a lot of people to do similar to what you have said about putting everything into Fiverr. However, lots of companies encourage us to do lots of things that are beneficial to them but may not be AS GOOD an idea for us.

Diversifying is hard - no doubt - but if you do a little here and there in those times when you don’t have orders, you will make progress.



Yes, that’s what I’m doing on other platform…

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While it’s obviously not Fiverr’s responsibility, I still completely agree with Chris’ sentiment there, because they most obviously expect from us to treat it as a serious career, so it makes sense to expect them treating their platform as a serious opportunity enabling users to be able to use it in a sensible and as bug-free as possible way and not as a beta test laboratory.

It’s great to innovate, update, introduce new better stuff, no qualms there, but just maybe balance the budget a bit more between “fix old bugs”, “treat people fairly” and "throw new and not thoroughly thought-through nor tested beta stuff into the equation on weekly basis. Ask a few of the people who really use the stuff you’re about to change, before you change it. They simply can’t have asked anyone who really clicked through all the options for extras in the latest category update, for example.

We all want Fiverr to prosper, after all, and would contribute in positive and meaningful ways, if one let us, and wouldn’t treat us in a way nobody would want to be treated (looking at you, nonsensical and extremely unfair cancellation policy coupled with level demotion - saying this as someone who wasn’t demoted so far, just reading about the trials of the many people who most certainly did not deserve their demotion should make this point more than clear to anyone who’d care to read).

(This isn’t a rant at your topic or post, just at some things that keep us from loving Fiverr as much as we’d love to love it :slight_smile: )



From what I see, Fiverr seems to apply new experiments directly on the site.
I don’t know if it’s a technical issue but whenever you apply a new change, it should be done first on a mirror site for a period of time.
Users should have an option to switch back to previous setting (at least in a period of time); just like what Google did with Gmail recently.


Actually I don’t like the new way of the Gmail. So switched back to the classic.

Yes. new updates especially, seem to roll along the lines of Fiverr being a platform where sellers are constantly available for orders, instant communication, and extra pre and post order admin duties. Simply not being able to limit the number of times a buyer can request a revision, causes Fiverr to eat time like nobodies business.

As it stands, I have never seen so many TRS and long-standing Fiverr sellers all complaining of reduced or constantly interrupted workflow. In this case, the question needs to be asked whether majority derided new features and beta testing, is also taking into account the effects testing is having on seller morale?

It’s one thing for Fiverr to use (a bug ridden) St Levels to try and throw underperforming sellers overboard. It’s quite another to say, "well we don’t care if you as a high-quality seller are unjustly penalized too, we don’t owe you anything."

Then there is the fact that Fiverr is rolling out such morale killing changes, in a freelance market saturated with prejudice (on the part of freelancers) toward Fiverr, while attempting to lure top/Pro talent. - It’s all just like a bizarre circus.

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So true, couldn’t said it better myself

I think that theme will be Gmail standard sooner or later. They just give you time to adjust yourself.