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Tests are really pointless and have 0 relevance in the field of web programming

I’ve made the CSS3 fiverr test for web programming and I must say that it is one of the dumbest test I’ve ever take. Really, only 10% of the contents are applied for actually building and developing a website. Also, programming is not a field where you strongly use memory, you use logic, understanding of the docs and intuition, you only know the pretty basics by memory. Never heard the joke about the senior programmer which stills looks how to instance the date object in java huh?

Really guys, change or make another kind of tests, I scored 6.5 out of 10, and I’m pretty sure me and some other colleagues that took it are, at least, a 7.5-8. This is not accurate, making a test that aspire to be relevant and precise is more than going to MDN docs and drop all the information in some questions.


Yes, but how did it make you feel?

The purpose of the test is to appraise you or motivate you to achieve greatness.

So if the test created some emotions in you you did not have before taking it, you got what is promised.

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The only true test of your skills is the quality of the work you deliver. Your portfolio, your client list. Synthetic tests are bs - don’t waste your time on them.

I could pass every single test on Fiverr if I wanted to. That only means I’m good at taking online unsupervised tests. It’s pointless.


If that is the point is kind of dumb (sorry for the expression) since it only encouraged me to memorize things that I shouldn’t really know.

I think it should be better to focus in what is practical.

Thanks for the answer Marina.

Exactly what I thought, I’ve been working as a freelancer for the past 6 months and, overall, all my clients were satisified. I just created a fiverr profile some weeks ago and that’s it, found the tests not relative to real knowledge but to exactly memorize a whole documentation.

We sometimes apply the same phylosophy to different fields and I have the feeling that we overestimate the importance of memorizing in computer science fields. Like, a lot. Evaluation can’t be the same for every single discipline.

Thanks for your answer!

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Yep. That sums it up really.


Photoshop test had quite a lot of shortcuts questions.

I literally use shortcuts by muscle memory. I don’t know any besides undo.

Rest of test was okay but there was a lot of those shortcuts… :grin: