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Tests ruining credibility with clients

I passed, and performed in the top 10th percentile of the advanced English grammar test. The problem is that I can’t showcase this ability, because the skill displays as “English Grammer” which ruins my reputation with any client in my field. How do I notify the Fiverr team about this so that they may fix it?


The only thing I see on your page that says “English Grammer” is a verified skill you have, and you can change that yourself through your profile. Try that.

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I can only display the skill or choose to omit it. The spelling and wording of the skill itself is predetermined by the Fiverr server. I feel it’s unfair that I can’t showcase this skill because the spelling is incorrect, and disreputes me as a translator.

The spelling of the skill is not determined by Fiverr. I’ve seen sellers who have it spelled correctly. You can change it (I have before). Go to your profile and scroll down to skills. Press the “Add new” button to make a new one and delete the old one.

I did what you recommended, and the “English Grammer” skill did in fact disappear. I replaced it with “English Grammar” but the checkmark has disappeared despite having passed the appropriate test. What solution is there to this? Thank you for your time.

Contact Fiverr support through a support ticket and ask them to correct the skill (created through the test) with the spelling error - so that it will display the tick with English Grammar (not English Grammer)