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"Tests Taken" section doesn't work

Hi guys,
This afternoon I tried to take some tests but when I select the test I want to take nothing happened. The windows doesn’t close, no popup appears, nothing starts. I tried also with another test but no luck either. I don’t know if it’s a technical issues but I thought to open a topic to let you know of this issues.

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They seem to have changed it. Now my profile (logged in) doesn’t show any of the tests I’ve taken unless I click “preview public mode”. And when I click on “Take a test” it doesn’t indicate that any of the ones shown in the list are ones I’ve taken - it says “recommended for your skills” but the top ones are ones I’ve actually taken before and passed even though it doesn’t show that. Clicking on a test in the list also currently does nothing for me either. I hope they haven’t deleted all taken tests :worried: - though maybe not if it’s still showing on “preview public” mode.

I’ve already reported one bug where it was showing tests on my profile logged in that it shouldn’t and not showing others that it should and the same for logged out (it seems/seemed to show all passed tests when logged out whether I selected them to show or not).

Reporting the issue to support might be best, though they’re still working on my reported bug.


Thank you, obviously this issues appears when I decide to take some tests XD
I hope that they fix it soon and that you don’t lose the ones you made! :crossed_fingers:

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