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Text animation to be used as an overlay for a video clip

Is there anyone that can do this? Looking to get some text animated to simply say “Save the date July 3, 2016” that I can use as an overlay. I was thinking if someone did customized fonts or if it could appear as though it is being written on the clip. I have all the video files needed and I understand very well how to create titles and overlays. I just have no idea how to animate text nor do I have the right equipment to make this happen. Any thoughts or folks on Fiverr that can do this sort of thing?



Hi Jason!

For future reference, you should use the Requests section of Fiverr. You’ll get lots of offers there. That being said, I happen to be a video editor and can help you out with what you need. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact me :slight_smile: