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Text cut off

I really dislike this annoying problem with fiverr not allowing enough text in particular
when placing an order for voice acting , it I highly tiresome to have no way of placing all the dialogue into the order without a multitude of messages attached to it.
Perhaps this could be fixed or someone can explain to me why some sellers refuse to allow text attachments … I really hate to paste a script and find its deleted 90% of it…
only then to have to attempt a work around.
This text limitation also interferes in general ordering as well … but then I am far from the keep it simple group of people.
Opinions welcome, Advice appreciated

I have no idea why some sellers refuse text documents. Never heard of that before.

The Fiverr messaging system used to offer unlimited characters, and now it is just 1,200 or something, and it is silly.

Thanks for the reply

Use text or word files. attach them with your post!!

He said the people he is dealing with are refusing to accept file attachments .)