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Text Formatting Errors in Inbox - Quick Response Feature


Hello Fellow Fiverrs,

Have you guys noticed the new ’ Quick Response ’ feature for Inbox.

I have started to see several Text formatting related errors from the time this new feature is launched.

The Text keeps jumping lines / New lines & spaces - ignores them completely if i copy paste text.

This has never been an issue previously.

Has anyone else noticed the same?

Would be great to know if this is a account specific bug.

I have already written to Fiverr Support about this bug & I will keep the forum updated on responses i receive from them.


I haven’t noticed the new feature you mention, but there have been ongoing formatting issues with gig editing for many users during the past few months.

Hopefully, when they fix this new ‘issue’ it will also fix whatever has been causing the other problems as well.

I look forward to your updates.


No I have not.


I did some editing today and formatting seems to have been restored.


This bug seems to have been temporarily solved for me.

But - I am not too sure as some bugs they pop back up after some while.