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Text to emoji in conversasion

Hello, when I send text smiles like “c:” or “:)” in order’s comments Fiverr converts it into emoji, but in messages it’s still text emoji. So, question: is there any way not convert my text smiles in emoji?


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Maybe, put a space between the characters?
: )

In general, emoji are considered rather unprofessional. Still, your gigs (at a glance) are very light-hearted, so it’s probably alright. If you ever have a client that seems to never use them, then be sure to ease off on frequency.


Yes, I understand. But my buyers use emoji often (like smile, hearts), so I do same in responce. Probably this is due to the specifics of my work (work directly related to the creation of emotes : ) ). Also I feel when emoji are appropriate. I put space, but sometimes it doesn’t work with some smiles, so maybe I’ll choose and will use one smile that works with space. Thank you for reply!


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