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Thank Customer Support next time you talk to them

I thought I’d share this little bit of information with you today…

I am a long-time veteran seller who has been active on Fiverr for five years. When I first started here (in early 2014), my very first CS support ticket was numbered in the 600,000 range. Fast forward five years, and I am communicating with CS on something right now, and my current CS support ticket is numbered in the 3,300,000 range. That means that, in five years, Customer Support has handled at least 2,700,000 support tickets.

That’s a lot of dedication and patience shown by Customer Support agents.

So, next time you open a ticket with CS, or they open a ticket that you are part of, be sure to thank your agent(s). He/she is part of a support department that has been VERY busy. Regardless of your thoughts about Fiverr, the search system, or anything else on the functional side of things, CS has a great deal of patience in handling that many tickets – many of which were probably from angry and upset buyers/sellers.

CS are people too, and they deserve our patience, thanks and kindness. They do a lot more for our user experience than we give them credit for.


As a former customer service manager and a new seller that has had to contact support, I couldn’t agree more!

Just like sellers, they have a job to do and rules to follow. A little bit of patience and gratitude goes a long way.


Let me guess, you have opened a ticket about the search system. Am I right?

You don’t need to know what I am communicating with CS about. That is between me and CS. I merely started this topic in order to offer some public appreciation for what CS does, based upon my observation of the rising ticket ID numbers over the years.


I worked in customer service for long time and I know what it takes. It’s really challenging to keep a smile on your face all the time no matter how you are behaved. Hats off to them.


When I send a ticket to CS, usually it’s me reporting a Google translation scammer or some id*ot who stole my ( or another seller’s) image, so even though I always try my best to use very polite language, I make it very clear that I am angry.

I make sure to always thank them for reading my angry report, and wish them a nice day.
It’s amazing how one little word has such a powerful impact :slight_smile:


I agree, @zeus777, “thank you” can be an extremely powerful little phrase. More people should make a habit of using it. Our world needs more consideration these days. No matter what our cause, purpose, or challenge may be – even here on Fiverr, “thank you” is an excellent way to treat others.


One of my issue was solved after 2 and half months when I nearly lost all my hopes as I was hearing the same reply every-time from them and it was really frustrating for me but every single time they told me that they are working on it and will try to get it resolved soon. Finally, it was resolved. THANK-YOU FIVERR SUPPORT !! :two_hearts:

Not only the people should THANK the Support but they should also LEAVE a rating for the Support Agent as this helps the Fiverr to understand how an Agent handled your issue.

:point_right: And as a seller, each of one of us knows the importance of ratings/reviews.

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You are right . Today I have faced a problem with adding payoneer .And contacted CS. Got instant reply every time . I really appreciated their response time and help . :grinning: .

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