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Thank God, Show Online Sellers algorithm started working

Since the last couple of months, show online filter stopped working and it affected especially the sales of active sellers and clicks and impressions got red. Today I saw it working properly and I hope every seller is happy now. Thanks, Fiverr Team :slight_smile:


I just now checked and you are correct, you made my day! :smile:

I also see that the numbers of each level are now shown whereas before we had to click on one selection to see them. This is a huge improvement, thank you fiverr!


Pleasures are all mine. Yeah, no doubt this is the good news for active sellers to revamp their sales. Hope this will stay last :smiley:

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I’ve been waiting and hoping for this a long time. I am online a lot usually and want to be seen and get messages. I noticed a decrease in sales due to that not working.

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Yes, I also keep myself active most of the time. I made CS tickets many a time to resolve this issue. Thank God they did it at last.

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It had the opposite effect for me. I was showing online all the time, and now when you click “show online sellers” I’m nowhere to be found. :frowning: