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Thank Me For Not Leaving a Negative


Ha! That was what the buyer said to me after I overdelivered then gave him three different resumes because he could not be happy. Then he asked me to do work that was out of my scope and I told him that I could not do it. He told me that because I could not do that work, he was going to leave me a negative feedback. Was that okay with me? You know, I just asked for a mutual cancellation because I am so tired of the pettiness of buyers. It really makes me want to just close down my gig for good. He said I should thank him for accepting the mutual cancellation and not leaving a negative. What a jerk!


Don’t let buyers threaten you like that, you need to contact customer support in cases like these - and they will handle them. You should not have to thank some idiot who probably was never going to be happy with whatever you did for him for not giving you negative feedback.