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Thank you customer support - great service

This isn’t me sucking up to customer support.

But I do want to feedback via the forum my thanks to customer support for sorting an issue in my favour within a matter of hours of me submitting a help request.

For those that moan about customer support and say they don’t listen to sellers - they do.

But as I’ve said many times in the forum… you’ve got to have a genuine case, and to explain it concisely and factually. Then you stand a chance of being listened to.


I had two issues over the span off 3 yrs that needed the attention of CS. Both were due to paypal charge-backs. When the first one happened, I reached out to CS and they ended up giving me Fiverr credit for the money I lost. Second time, Fiverr gave me the money in full stating that my transaction fell under “fraud protection”.

Be clear, be patient, be professional.

Glad it worked out in your favor.

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how do you contact customer support?