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Thank You Customer Support!

Thank you Jacari and Javier and the rest of the team! You’re the best! Thank you for taking care of my problem.

Don’t be shy. Tell us what the problem was.

See “Mayday! Mayday”.

So you made a redundant post to link back to another post to say thanks to people who won’t read this? Curious, and more than a whiff of brown-nosing. To save other people the horse and pony, writer asked CS to put his gig back in search results after he went on vacation for a long time and they did. So maybe other people can too!

There might be more, but the forum’s broken so if it’s not on the first page, it’s in a black hole.

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Congratulations! So happy for you.

CS is great.

Look, I wanted to thank CS, I thanked them. What’s your problem?

Thanks! Yeah, they are very good.

No problem, just pointing out that this thread is kinda redundant, and nobody would have known what the thanks were for unless you’d redirected them to your other thread (which would have been a more logical place to praise CS for fixing your problem, which leads to the conclusion that this isn’t really for anyone’s benefit except the one I suggested above).

If you wanted to thank them, why not just say “thanks Bob/Sheana/whoever” after they fix whatever the problem is in the ticket? That’s what I do, anyway.

You made one good point. Will modify post accordingly.

One good point interestingly filtered :slight_smile:

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