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Thank you fiver now i am level one seller

thank you fiver now i am level one seller in just one month and some days


Congratulations. Best wishes for your continued success! :slight_smile:


thank you so much ,

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Congratulations. How did you reach that milestone?

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thank you so much youssefkamel,

@ahmadali321 What did you do to reach this milestone? Did you like follow a specific strategy? I’m new to fiverr so trying to learn from other experts :smiley:

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i just active any time and , share my gig on social media

thank you ,

Do you share it on specific groups on Facebook which help you out?

yas facebook and twitter

Yeah I know on Facebook. Where specifically do you share it on Facebook? Is there any Facebook groups that allow you to share your gigs so others can check it out if they want to sign for your service? Because If i shared the gig on my timeline I’m pretty sure nobody of my friends will be interested :smiley:


haha, yah you just put your link in the groups post in a comment ,

But I don’t think groups will like me being advertising on their group. Do you know any groups which allow something like that?

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the groups admins not allow you to share your gig you just put your gig link in comments ,

Oh, well this might give a negative impression about my gig. However, thank you for helping out @ahmadali321 I really appreciate it

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you are welcome ,

congrats for your ahievement


thank you ramiyo ,

Congrats on becoming a level one seller :slight_smile:

I can relate to you. I myself became level 1 seller just in one month of my joining :smiley:

…then I put on vacation for 9 months (ah, it was a very good move).

Now I get 1 order per month :slight_smile: