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Thank you FIVERR EDITORIAL TEAM. Feeling Sooooo Happy

Hi All,

Thanks a Million to “FIVERR EDITORIAL TEAM” for making my BEST SELLING gig as “FIVERR CHOICE”.

I am feeling very very happy after a long time as i was struggling with my health as well as my 3 years old ADHD and Mild Autistic child.

I hope with FIVERR CHOICE my gig will get more attention and new orders which will help me to earn more and spend more for my child treatment.

I feel this is a True achievement for my hard work from the past 1 year that I served to all my buyers.

Note to the All Sellers especially New Sellers:

  • Please work hard and create your own designs or what ever service you are offering don’t use readymade templates or Stolen images, fonts or graphics from the internet.

  • Be polite and very patient with every buyer and try your best to satisfy each buyer, so most of the buyers will be your repeated buyers.

All the best to all the Sellers and once again THANKS SO MUCH FOR FIVERR EDITORIAL TEAM.


Congrats, @Balubfa12 for your success.
Wish you best of luck.:slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats, :smile:,

Thank you for the tips and wish all the best

Thanks you for your wishes @saddam_pro

Thanks so much and all the best to your fiverr career.

Congrats! I wish you greater sales so you can take care of that destined child.

Congratulations! Try to save at least 20-25% of what you make when things are going well. This can help you when things are not going so well.


That is a nice idea, I think is should do that too

Thanks so much and all the best to you.

Thanks so much Brother, Thanks for your valuable Advice.

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Congrats! :sunglasses:

Thank you so much…

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Congrats! :slight_smile: BTW, what did you mean by “FIVERR CHOICE”?