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Thank you Fiverr for giving me a new start on life

Anyone can come here and open a profile, regardless of work history, experience with their chosen field, orexperience freelancing… I started offering services here because I have subjects I love learning about, and now I get paid to learn. As my experience and skill levels increase, so does my value and the price of my service.

I don’t know if there’s anywhere else you can do that.

you could say:

“I love to make art, I’d love to be able to get paid to make art”

sure, just open an account offer your services for dirt cheap, and get paid to learn. this could be done with almost any subject if you’re willing to dedicate yourself.

Fiverr is a freelance platform with zero barrier to entry, I think for most people it isn’t a career choice, but it sure beats being a clickworker.

I’m grateful to fiverr for giving me a start on an entirely new life. No resume required.

It’s a lot cheaper than going to college.


Yes, yes it is. Very much so (and I say this as someone who went to college). :wink:


while I don’t get the benefits of a liberal arts education, here on fiverr, I do learn very deeply on the subjects the market is willing to pay for… which in and of itself is valuable knowledge


I had a good blogging site going on and for some reasons I had to leave it. However, I was passionate from the start to design my own website and manage it all over.

When I left blogging for about 6 months I was just thinking to study hard as I am college student and I had used Fiverr before during blogging but I did not like to work as I got good easy money from blogging. But later I joined Fiverr with almost very less knowledge but today I can say I have worked with over 300 clients and almost have just 7 cancelled orders so being dedicated to the work and enhancing skills made me confident that I can earn good 300-500$ a month which I am okay with.