Thank you Fiverr for the tip system!


The tip system has already added to my turnover in the last week! Its a really cool feature.

It also gives extra incentive to deliver above and beyond for your clients, which is always a good thing. Being motivated is key to growing your business, and money is a great motivator :wink:


Have you gotten any tips? I used to get tips by sharing my tip link, not all the time of course, but sometimes. Now I don’t seem to get tips.


My tips have gone up since the new option.

I remember speaking to Micha at the Fiverr event in London last year about the option and his response was quite interesting. He said that as we can now set our own prices (which to a certain extent is true) do we really need a tip system? That said, he said they were looking into it at the time.

Personally, I think it is an awesome feature - you know yourself that when you are presented with something that is way better than you ever imagined, you’re pretty happy about it and will often pay that little extra if you have an avenue to do so.

Similar to having an awesome meal or awesome service from a waiter/waitress - you want to tip.

So on the flip side, it should hopefully encourage sellers to offer that optimum service (if they’re not already doing so of course) to maximise the possibility of a tip.

Nice one Fiverr!


i just received tip of 5$ yesterday… very happy


Loving this new feature too. :slight_smile:


I haven’t recieved a tip yet but my last several orders were already good upsells. I think the buyers most likely to tip me will be the 10-20 spenders. The higher ones may feel they’ve already paid well and the $5 group seems to be bargain hunters with tight purse strings. I think I will love the tip system though, it is so easy to hit the tip button.

@fastcopywriter Do you still mention tips when you deliver? If not maybe it would help to say something about appreciating tips. I guess you could keep your tip gig too.


I get more and bigger tips with the tip option. I have not seen the options screen, being on the seller side, but I figure that it has some sort of percentage choice, because my tips have been percentages of the total gig bill. Awesome.


Reply to @webtelly: There is a screen shot in the news section if you want to see.


Received my first tip yesterday. Was quite a surprise. Quite nice to know that someone has liked what you’ve done so much, they’re willing to give you a little extra :slight_smile:


Reply to @fonthaunt: I do, I usually write

Care to tip? :slight_smile:

If you like it, tip it! :slight_smile:

How do you ask for a tip? The reason I got into tips was because a $5 buyer once wrote he liked my work so much he felt it was worth more than $5.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: I started with my tip gig the same way. One buyer asked me if I had one so I went and looked at other people’s and then created mine. I started adding a link with delivery and I’d change the phrases around from time to time. I put things like “I am always grateful for tips!” followed by the link. I really think the new system will be better since it makes it easier for the buyer. I’ll be curious to see if I get tips after I get some more orders for the lower priced options.


I love the new tip option as well! My prices are very reasonable for what I do and when people see the quality of my work, they often leave a tip. I think I’ve gotten 3-4 already since they put it in place. I think it’s an awesome idea!