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Thank you FIVERR! My gig just got featured!


I just got a message from fiverr that my gig just got featured. I have worked so hard on making exceptional videos on fiverr and this is a great reward. I also hope I will become a TRS some day.

It has been an amazing journey and I will continue to improve on the quality of delivery.

Thank you FIVERR!


Well done - I hope you do really well from it! :+1:


Thank you! I am so happy and positive about it :smiley:


… I’ve never had any of my Gigs featured :cry:


Thank you!

You have a pretty amazing profile. I wish you luck :smiley:


Nice! Enjoy the ride. :sunglasses:


Congratulations :smiley: :D!!!


How awesome. Congratulations and good luck with that featured gig.


Thank you! @nikavoice @annai80 @armer



Great Job

Wish you more success brother (Y) :smiley:


Congratulations. Best wishes for your continued success! :slight_smile:


It feels really amazing and I hope to deliver an even better service. I keep upgrading my services and the way I interact with customers and I will keep doing my best.

Thank you @lipu123 @lloydsolutions


Congrats Dave. :thumbsup:

Here’s to a new :blue_car: :house: :motorboat: and a :airplane_departure:!

Cheers! :champagne:


congratulations… :tada:


Amazing to hear! Congrats!!! :relaxed:



Congratulations, and hoping to see you as a TRS soon. Keep up the good work. All the best


@djgodknows Ahaha Thanks alot!

@creationdaddy Thank you!

@cardellio64 Really amazing, Thanks a bunch!

@balubfa12 I hope so too, that is my dream!


@ollydave Congrats brother. and don’t stop it until you become TRS. wish you all the best.

and also, I really Like your gig. no wonder it become feature.


Happiness is GIG being featured… Wish you best of luck… Keep rising keep fiverring…


Congratulations for you! :+1: