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Thank you, Fiverr. Who else?

Hey Fiverr world.

Lately, a lot of my involvement in the Fiverr forums has been to chime in on some negative aspects of the site. I decided that’s pretty lame of me, because overall, I love Fiverr. I owe a ton to this site.

I never thought I’d end up where I am when I set up my account on here. I went a couple of years with random sporadic orders and it was nice to have some extra cash now and then. But then in January of this year, my sales exploded and have been phenomenal ever since. I am incredibly grateful for this site. The positives far outweigh the negatives, and life as a freelancer is pretty awesome.

This has been great for me and my family - not to mention, when people find out what I do, they are genuinely interested. Always makes for good conversation.

So to you, my fellow sellers, I ask: What has Fiverr done for you? How has it improved your life and what do you love about it?


This site has definetly been a life saver for me. Yes it is alot different than it was in the past years - atleast they are doing their best to implement new stuff is how I see it. If they didn’t care about the site then they would just let bugs and coding errors loose everywhere and mess with people’s orders. So I’m happy that I can still operate my business and make money.


Fiverr is not my main source of income, it’s something I do on the side but the little extra money :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: I make IS great, and I have learned so much here and met many great people.
I’m not 100% happy with Fiverr, I have whined and complained and b*tched about some buyers and new rules etc, I’ve climbed to the top of Mt. Fiverr to yell and scream and rant ( and throw thunder bolts :zap::zap:here and there too) but overall I do like Fiverr very much. I don’t think it has changed my life, but for now I don’t see myself leaving this site at all.

Oh wait, ever since I started working at Fiverr I go to Starbucks quiiiiiiite often now. :coffee:
I feel like I can get myself a slightly pricey coffee guilt free.
When I get a tip, I add a scone or a doughnut.:doughnut::doughnut::cupcake:
Life is good with Fiverr for sure. :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(I was trying to be like Nika with all the emojis, not sure if I succeeded…)


Great post. For me, Fiverr has been life-changing. I always had this idea in my head that I want to make money online and that I want to create a steady stream of income.

The work from home part has never been a problem, as I consider myself a disciplined guy with a very good work ethic. The problem was with finding clients, managing payments and all the other stuff that come besides the actual work. I like to be effective and to focus on stuff that really matters. Fiverr helped me achieve that. :+1:

Here I have a completely working system to have orders and do the work on them, without worrying about technical details or worry too much about advertising myself. It has been and continues to be a blessing for me, allowing me to make the money that I want and have the freedom that I so much care about.

Fiverr also helped me to push my boundaries. When the clock was ticking :alarm_clock: and I had some big orders to deliver, I had to grow out of my shell and become the person that deserved those orders. And as I grow up more and more, I am even more appreciative of this platform that helped me see my dreams come true.

Also, these people care about us. At least, that’s what I feel. They always try to evolve and introduce new things, whilst still listening to our opinions.

Everybody and everything has downsides as well, but overall, I do believe this platform is heading in a positive direction, very aligned with the direction where I want to go.

Oh, and let’s not forget the great people in this community, that are extremely helpful and are an example of dedication and hard work. :smiley: All in all, we are in this together, and by sticking together we can achieve even more. We are like a family, the Fiverr family.

I want to personally thank the Fiverr Team and this great community for creating and maintaining this beautiful platform, that allows us to work on our terms and grow to as many heights we want. Cheers!


Yes to everything. I’m in a business that would typically require LOTS of auditioning, submitting, etc. to get discovered or find any kind of work, and it often pays peanuts when you do. I love that here I’ve just been able to set my rates and let the system work its magic. Not having to find clients is huge.

As for the rest, I totally hear you on pushing the boundaries. I’ve had those days where the orders just keep piling up in the queue with guaranteed 24 hour delivery. I always thought of myself as a pretty good worker, but those were the moments when I realized I had lot more discipline and stronger work ethic than I thought. It can be brutal working all day and all night once in a while, but when you finally clear that dashboard and realize you actually did it (not to mention, just made a ton of money) it’s a pretty amazing feeling.

Props to whatever minds came up with this platform for freelancers. I’m forever grateful. Stuff like this can be (and has been) life changing, and I love that especially something like Fiverr helps people make money off of just about anything they can come up with.

Thanks for the response - great stuff and keep up the good work!

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Haha that’s awesome - keep it up! Glad you can treat yourself guilt-free. As for complaining, I’m with you. It’s tough to remember that Fiverr is a huge company…it cannot be easy to keep the experience perfect for all of the sellers. I’m sure they’re trying their best to innovate while keeping everyone happy - but you can’t win them all. Overall, they’re doing amazing things and proving opportunity to tons of people who otherwise would have none. For that and many other reasons, despite my occasional complaints, I’m so grateful for Fiverr.

Absolutely. I’ll take some occasional issues and even some poor decisions/changes once in a while if it means I can still have a successful life as a freelancer. It may take a while in some cases, but they’ve done really well fixing issues and they’re clearly trying to make it a better experience for everyone.

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YES … I cannot agree more … with all the participants in this thread,… fiverr has changed my life too… before it came in my life … I felt so strangled and oppressed. … ( due to not being able to do anything to change life ) … to me … it worked as a miracle … still trying to climb the ‘fiverr mountain’ :wink: … nowhere near the top … ( waiting for my sales to explode like yours ) …… BUT enjoying it!! !! ALL THE SAME…
thankyou!!! fiverrr… and thanks to all FIVERR FAMILY… all of you have been a great support in times…