Thank you Fiverr


Good day everyone,

Sorry if this post is somewhat redundant but I just wanted to thank Fiverr for existing. I know it’s been getting some negative feedback in regards to new sellers not making any sales etc, but I really enjoy doing this. Yes, it’s a challenge, you have to make sure your gigs are up to par. I spent a bit of time on them, but am constantly tweaking them, with every tip I read on the forum. The challenge of getting buyers makes it fun, if you ask me.
I finally have been able to write again, after what some may call writers block. This really helps me get through the day. The money is a very welcome bonus!

Thanks Fiverr, and especially the forum posters! I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to perfect my gigs and make more sales.


I’d rather see an uplifting post like this than negative ones, anyday! Just keep holding on and improving on what you can… Hoping for more success as you stay here on Fiverr! :slight_smile: