Thank You Fiverr!


So, i’ve been on fiverr but only have been really working from it in the last 3-4 weeks. Yesterday, i kindly asked if i could have my gig featured since i’ve been doing quite well and haven’t received any negative feedback! I wake up the next day and find an email saying my gig has been featured… It’s my birthday tomorrow and i consider this being a bday gift from fiverr!! Hehe, so i thought i’d show my appreciation and say thanks !!

The only thing is, which i think is probably minor but… When i search for my gig it doesn’t show as a featured gig until i click on it… Is that something normal and just have to wait or should i contact support to let them know?





Yay :smiley:


Reply to @bachas85: Yeah, my gig is up now :slight_smile: Was just a bit of patience needed afterall!

Yayyyy Thanks everyone xx