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Thank you for helping

It’s all correct. Thank you for helping me all. :blush:


Did you do a good job, one that clearly matches the Brief and the quality of work in your Portfolio or anything else you showed?

If you can show this threatening tactic to Fiverr support, they should be helping you.



First of all your buyer can not kidnap you through the internet. Kidnapping has a totally different meaning

Secondly you can tell them that blackmailing is totally forbidden by fiverr TOS that your buyer signed and you should contact fiver customer support right away with screenshots of him blackmailing you


As soon as someone asks for free things, cancel.

This was a huge warning sign that he was going to try to get out of paying you and you should have stopped it there.

You did the work and don’t let him blackmail you. You should get paid, of course. I’m just saying that there are warning signs and you should heed them.

The word is blackmail, not kidnapping, by the way. Sorry this happened to you.


Thank you so much. Can you tell me what to do now?

You’re welcome.

Follow @mariashtelle1’s fantastic advice.


If he clearly wrote that he would give you a negative feedback for that, screenshot it and Fiverr will absolutely take care of it for you. Fiverr doesn’t play games with stuff like that.


@sagadesigner Please don’t contact me directly.
I actually read his comment and it looks like you also violated quite a few rules and asked him to complete your order before you send him final files and asked him to leave you 5stars review

You know, I just wouldn’t interfere here because it doesn’t what I’m going to advice you right now. If that’s true what your buyer said you will get at least 3 warnings and your account will be blocked.


Thanks for that context.

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I didn’t say like that. So what can I do now?

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We don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong here. We can only judge by what your client wrote about you and that doesn’t sound promising.

We also already gave you advices as to what you can do.


Can’t I remove the review? If cancel the order will it remove?

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You can’t remove a review. It would be very unethical for Fiverr to allow that because sellers would just cancel to game the system and only show buyers what they want them to see instead of the whole truth.

Bad reviews are always possible. Work professionally and you’ll reduce the risk of getting them.

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I did my best for him. :pensive: He liked it. He did that because I didn’t send the social media kit. :pensive:

Fiverr says “If you feel that a review left by a user is abusive, a result of a technical error, or violates our Terms of Service, please contact our Customer Support team.”

If what they say is totally false they might remove the review (though it might still be risky asking - since some who have asked for reviews to be changed/removed I think got a warning) though if you did do things like asking for a high rating Fiverr might give a warning. If you didn’t do any of those things mentioned in the review you could contact Fiverr with screenshots showing it’s all false.

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We’ve seen it all on Fiverr :rofl: