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Thank you - I can bring my competitor to court

I have used Fiverr for a few things over the years. I started a business and have been using Fiverr for simple things - image resizing, adding items to my store, flyers, etc.

I have a local competitor that is just a truly awful person, and they consistently leave fake reviews on my pages, slander my name, make wild accusations, etc.

I recently stumbled upon a seller on Fiverr - They will record a review ad and post it online for you. I recognized the face of the seller/spokesperson. This Fiverr seller created a false review of my company and slanders my name.

A Light flickers - I have found a source of the slander!

I scroll through this Fiverr sellers info and guess what!? I find a 5 star review from an account with the same name as my competitor. This has provided me one more link to proof that my competitor is paying for services to slander my name.

Unfortunately, the anticipation is killing me - I have not reported the seller yet, I have not notified anyone other than my legal team. Once I have met with them and obtained a course of action (I have cataloged multiple legal violations of my competitor and this is just 1 more), I will inform Fiverr of this sellers violation of the TOS and help keep Fiverr honest and clean.

Thank you Fiverr for being here for the odds and ends for my business, but also supplying me with additional screenshots to take to court.

Take many screenshots before fiverr removes the seller. Also try to approach the seller and pretend you are interested in hiring him for the same job on the same site, then stry to ask him if he was the same person who did that great job, wait for the confession.

I’m going to suggest that you err on the side of caution here.

Firstly, costs associated with pursuing this matter in court will likely counter any financial benefit of doing so. If a seller on Fiverr can be traced in real life, they may not have funds which can realistically be seized to cover damages. They may also reside in a different legal jurisdiction where a court ruling is not enforceable.

Conversely, most review sites will remove fake reviews. If you have proof that a seller has been paid to say disparaging things about your business, Fiverr will also remove that seller account.

You can also screenshot all the evidence you do have and use this to out your competitors actions on social media. As of 2019, there is no more damning a verdict than that delivered by trial by social media. :wink:


I’m not sure but maybe OP speaking of taking to court his competitor, not fiver?
He has good chances with a local competitor in a local court. Fiver is just a source to provide an evidence


Correct I will taking the competitor to court - not Fiverr. Fiverr is awesome! I’ve already gotten the seller on Fiverr to confess to the service. They provided me with the script unsolicited.

Plenty of screenshots were taken