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Thank you I learnt a lesson

Hi, thank you very much for the information and support I will try to be the best seller and responsable and never break rules again…


This is a violation of the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service as a violation can risk your account.


Will my account get banned? I will never repeat my mistake again, I just wanted to be a good seller…I am so stressed…I will happily take a warning…but I’m so scared

Two violations:

  • communication outside Fiverr (paypal payment)
  • mentioning review (review manipulation)

Just don’t.

You had a difficult client - we’ve all had them. Quote the terms of service to them and stand your ground.

What you’ve done risks your account.


At first I thought you were a new seller but I now see you are level 1 with 55 reviews.

Am surprised you were not following the rules.


I never had to deal with cancelation…is there any way I can apologize to fiverr? I had good intentions…I just wanted to make things right…I would even pay a tax if needed…

Is there any way to apologise to fiverr for that? I don’t want to lose my account, I worked so hard to get to the success I have now…I feel horrible, and I would do anything to make things right now

I suggest you don’t draw CS attention to your behaviour - if you do, that’s pretty much a guaranteed warning for each violation.

Fiverr is not your mum. 'Fessing up is likely to get more trouble, not less.

Move on and don’t do this again. And like @lloydsolutions said:

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You haven’t received a warning as yet but read this: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned! for how it works.

Why would doing that make you a good seller?

Letting buyers push you around isn’t good sales.

By the way no scammer halts a scam because you sent them money.


Wait what? Did I just read you sent a Buyer $4 through PayPal? :astonished:

I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody already reported you to Fiverr. We ALL have to play by the same rules!

OK, I’m going back to bed because clearly, I cannot read today.


So you returned the money and still you’re crying. I think buyer will be more then happy. As he got the money back and the assignment done. Be brave nothing will happen. :+1:

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Hey guys, I received a warning, and I won’t complain, I am super happy that I still have a chance to continue working , I’ll never break any rules again, thank you for the help!


Great. Keep working hard.

The contributions in this forum become more and more curious.