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Thank you so much Fiverr- You changed my Life forever


Hi my fellow Fiverr friends,

Today I reached 400 positive reviews at a 99% positive rating.

The most wonderful thing is I’m a relatively a newbie to Fiverr. It’s been just 1 year since joining this amazing website.

When I joined for the first time I honestly never thought Fiverr would change my destiny.

I was lacking money to complete my Degree but I’m so happy that I was able to continue my higher studies thanks to the income from Fiverr. For the past year I have spent every single dollar I earned through Fiverr for my higher studies.

Fiverr has been a part of my life for the past year and you would be wondered I have spent more time on Fiverr rather than on Facebook :slight_smile:

This may be not a big story but I just wanted to share it with you because there are millions of people who give up on their dreams. Never ever give up on your dreams.

Thank you Fiverr…I do not have words to describe how grateful I am to this wonderful website.

It’s not because I have earned money through Fiverr but you gave me a reason to believe in my dreams.

I would update you once I am done with my graduation. Only few more months remaining :slight_smile:

I owe you a lot Fiverr.

Thank You Fiverr!

You are truly a great inspiration!