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Thank you to all the great Fiverr Buyers!


Every day we see posts from Sellers complaining Buyers did this or didn’t do that.

Buyers don’t have to do anything. They don’t have to buy our gigs. They don’t have to read our gig description or jump through hoops to provide us with what we need.

As Sellers it is our responsibility to make it easy for Buyers to buy, help them with the buying process and make sure their purchase is smooth and stress free. Sellers have to deliver a service or product that meets or exceeds the Buyers expectations. And if Sellers can’t do that (for any reason), Sellers have to be willing, without hesitation to re-do the project and if necessary offer to make the Buyer whole (even if that means cancellation).

Thank you to all the great Fiverr Buyers !!! :slight_smile:





Many thanks to you. You are always there to give advice for free. Thank you again and good luck. @};-



I have completed nearly 87 orders in the past month and although I am new (Just started Dec 14), great customer service always prevails. I have had a couple of “needier” buyers, but that is to be expected, especially in my industry.

I have also learned to adjust my descriptions based on buyer questions and now everything is clear, I have a set protocol of responses that I send for certain orders and send out a guide with FAQ with each delivery. Luckily, I have had no one expect more for less or complain. Buyer questions and concerns can be helpful in what to improve in your gigs and service and it has been very helpful for me.

Hope it keeps up! I love Fiverr so far and I am also grateful to my buyers.





I agree with you, we need to provide an unique experience… WRITE everything about your gig: buyer’s questions helps you to offer a better service if you carefully read their questions and especially look at what they really need! I advice reminding things you have already written in your gig description during conversations: be professional! :)>-


Thank you so much for your advice! I can’t wait for my first costumer! I think that it will be a great experience! :smiley: