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Thank You to fiverr :)

Thought i spread some positivity cause the forum is always filled with ‘i dont have enough orders’, be grateful, work hard, its took me nearly 3 years to make a decent amount on fiverr, not exactly enough to live by but its helped with so many things. thanks fiverr and the many awesome people on it :stuck_out_tongue:


I moved your post, because it’s not a rant! :slight_smile:

Well done, and here’s to more success for you! :tada:


Good profile and keep working.


You have a beautiful voice!
The TWO major things I can’t do is sew and sing, so when I see people with singing
gigs they make me a bit jealous :stuck_out_tongue: (maybe I can start a gig saying “I’ll sing any song in such a laughable and horrible way I’ll make you laugh…” )

Keep up your good work!!


Yeah but you can watch anime without lame subtitles. How cool is that.

Good luck.Keep it up

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