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Thank you very much Fiverr!


Hello fiverr peeps :slight_smile:

I haven’t been active here on forum lately because I was busy dealing with fiverr orders that I started to receive :slight_smile::):blush::grin::grinning:
As some of you know I became Fiverr member let’s say recently. Today I got promoted to level 1 seller which for sure opened so many opportunities for me.
So thank you fiverr and to all of you guys here for huge support and cooperation

I feel very grateful and thankful



Yay! That’s good news, Congratulations! :tada:



Congratulations :clap: , and you’re most welcome!


its good to hear. That’s good news, Congratulations!


Arrr, way to go! :pineapple:


Congratulations. Best wishes for your continued success! :slightly_smiling_face:


can you please tell me how to get more order since i am in level 2 but only getting few orders in a week


Have you read the many topics on the forum that already explain how sellers can earn more orders?


No jonbaas can you please give me those links i really want to learn something


You know, you can search on your own…


Start a new thread, hijacking OP thread is not coolio.


Hello smartseoz,

as jonbass mention on forum there is a topic about how to increase your orders.Actually many topics covering this subject. Keep adjusting your gigs and follow Buyers requests


No, I cannot. You will have to do your own forum research. I am no going to do your work for you. Your gigs are your business, YOU need to learn how to make them successful on your own. Research is part of being in business.


thanks purplicious i search those topic also can you suggest me a little about this if you please?


Hello again,

I already mentioned what I did, the rest is on forum written somewhere



Ok thanks purplicious


Just type “how to increase orders” in the search bar above and there are 50 results for the topic.


thanks for help lloydsolutions