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Thank you - your transaction is started

I wish there were blaring words like I had insufficient evidence that FIVERR took my money when going through PayPal. Since there wasn’t I booked a second person for the same job. Eventually both jobs showed up in my dashboard. I cancelled the first job and now I have a credit with FIVERR. I want a refund, not a credit, and I don’t want this problem in the first place.

I’m sorry you got into a bit of a mess. Thanks for posting this as a tip for buyers as it is a good one. The real message is to be sure to read the Terms of Service anytime you join a site, especially one where you intend to spend money. The refund as Fiverr credit is written there and even if you only buy a gig once and it all goes according to plan, something can go wrong at the end that does result in a refund.

Fiverr will sometimes make an exception if you contact Customer Support, which is also mentioned in the policies, but it depends on multiple factors. It’s better to plan at the beginning and if an order does seem to go through but you aren’t sure, get a confirmation from Customer Support before moving forward. To the OP - good luck and I would talk with them and see what you can do.

I agree! I remember being confused too when I ordered that there was no confirmation.

It seems like to me it used to let you order on a single click if you had a balance in your account, but at least now if ordering with credit it does ask me if I want to order. I think it’s because I don’t use Dam* Quick Pay although I’m not sure. I’ve never had trouble with it going through from PayPal either although it has lagged for up to an hour before. Anyway, it’s a good caution for buyers to read more carefully and connect with CS if they aren’t sure about something. Hopefully he’s just got a small credit, there are so many fun and useful things to use a credit on.