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Thank you!



I was doing fine on Fiverr. I had a good income and good customer base. Had really faithful clients as well. But that’s few months ago. Then I had to face this accident.

I didn’t have anyway to connect internet. I was on hospital bed for days, weeks, months. But finally I got back to Fiverr. I’m ready to begin from the bottom again. I have faith in me. If I did it once I can do it again. I’m on level 2 but my rating has drop to 95%. But I know one day I will reach the level I was and then beyond that.

This special note goes to people who were with me in my hard times. My parents, My friends and all. Specially my clients who wished and prayed for my recovery. Thank you and I’m really grateful to you



Take care friend :slight_smile:


Reply to @geekygood: Thank you :slight_smile:


Take care of yourself!