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Thankful ... uh ... Wednesday!

I seem to only remember the forums when I need help or have a problem.

But I should also point out that I am very thankful for Fiverr!

Here’s why:

-Fiverr allows me to work a in an after-school program, which I love but doesn’t give enough hours to support me

-Fiverr lets me do what I love online every day

-Fiverr makes ends meet

Why are you thankful for Fiverr?


It’s how I met my beloved @fonthaunt


How many aunts have you got if that is your" fonth"? :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m thankful for the ability to actually make my own cup of coffee without being confined to a regular 7 oz office cup. I happily only use 14 oz cups because I can. Thank you Fiverr.


What I look forward to on Fiverr as my business grows is not having to substitute teach in the winter. (although I do love my high school kiddos) For in winter, snow and ice can cover Montana roadways, and I fear driving and walking outside then because my bones break more easily at this stage of life.


Eoin, my darling leper con leprochaun - we’ll always have forum…

I am thankful for Fiverr because of all of you (especially one on of you) and because it’s so flexible! I’ll be on and off even more for a few days unless I get a break with net access where I’ll be hanging out. When things get calmer, I love that Fiverr will (hopefully) still be here!