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Thanks a lot fiverr member

Thank you very much for pointing out my mistake.

Now I have updated my gig. so please give me your suggestions.

I will record a professional male voice-over narration.

Thanks advance


When I watch your gig and listen your voice , just felt like there some noise together with your voice … I think you need a better Microphone or etc to make your voice sounds more clear without that noise

Are you actually out here selling a computer-generated voiceover for $5 per 200 words? Shame on you!


That’s a Computer generated Text to voice. Mention it on your Gig or its like your are scamming clients.

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It should be in your TITLE. Honestly, what on earth? Is this a thing? Are other there other sellers trying to do this on the site and I’m just not aware of it?

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Yes! It may be a thing.

“Text to Voice” can be used for robotics and Sound productions. Many buyers can use this service.

But here he is not mentioning it on the Gig title, Which is almost scamming.

Hi @macbluezell,

I checked your GIG on Fiverr, but I think the sound of your video is computer generated. The words stop intermittently because of the computer generated sound. Please first acquire your skills in this regard then build a GIG on Fiverr.

I hope this course will help you to develop your skills

That’s nuts. Surely the buyer could just copy and paste their script themselves and get a computer generated voice for free?

@macbluezell you need to change your gig title immediately. It should read “I will send a computer-generated text-to-voice reading of your script”

You literally wrote “I will record” in your gig title. No you won’t. Change it!

Many Text to Voice are free of cost( he is also using the free one). But many professional Voice engines are paid and expensive. Not effective for buyers for one time use. So they tend towards freelancers. IVONA tts is Paid engine for same.

Also, it may be easy for us to use it. But many people can’t do that. It’s very technical for them. Many of them don’t have time to use it so they pay for the same.

So it will be wrong if we say this is not a service at all.

But ya, I agree with you that @macbluezell is literally using the free tts and not even mentioning it on gig.


That’s fair enough, but they’re also charging a similar rate to someone who is recording in their home studio and editing the recording. I mean I know we’re not hear to debate the cost, but it just seems like a dishonest trade. I guess if they change their title then it’s up for the buyer to decide. :woman_shrugging: At any rate, thank you for your explanation!


I am a professional graphic designer and my avg. Selling is let suppose $$$ for a logo.

The same logo will be priced more for a simple person who don’t know to make the logo. May be he/she is willing to pay $$$$.

Same here, since we know how to use the tts software and how to paste script in the software and get the audio. So will are assuming that “how the hell this can be be a service and why some one will pay for it”.

But for someone who don’t know to use it, will br willing to pay for the same.

Now what charges this man is charging is his own choice.
And it’s buyers choice to buy it or not. We can’t say him to change it or not.

But the prblm here is that, he is not mentioning TTS (Text to speech) in his gig title. Which will be counted as scamming.

It’s not computer generated voice .

Oh, please :rofl: Just change your title. I have half a mind to report you honestly.

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At least accept and be proud of what you are selling.

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Speechelo looks very promising but it is not free. And maybe a scam (not real real one, but scam in you pay for basic package and get only 3 English voices).

I think most people already said that this is computer generated. I don’t think any buyer would purchase from you buddy. Even if they do you are going to get reported and Fiverr will ban you permanently. Always provide honest details to the buyer.

I learn something new every day! Understanding that, I’m fine with people offering cheap text-to-speech conversion, but it really bothers me that this person is trying to pass off as a genuine VO artist.

I thought maybe there could have been some confusion in their gig title and that when this was pointed out to them maybe they would realize their mistake and change it, but they’ve doubled-down and denied that it’s text-to-speech so :woman_shrugging: I’m not sure it’s even worth reporting them, I can’t see anybody listening to those samples and being tempted to make a purchase.

For me, it is more interesting to see buyers hearing something like that and thinking it is not computer generated voice.
Sometimes when I scroll through reviews and see the review and what was delivered to them, … how? How do they do not know, see or hear this is BAD?

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I’ve had people try and sneak a refund out of me by claiming I used a computer-generated voice. After hearing how awful these samples are, I feel like I can stop wondering if my voice really is robotic sounding :sweat_smile:


Competition is getting stronger each day @gwyneth_galvin I just got this in my email and Google must think it will interest me:

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